Monday, May 5, 2008


Er is weer blogcandy te verdienen. Ga maar 's op deze weblogs kijken: Tina's Timeless Treasures en Artfully Ila. Ze maken allebei fantastische kaarten, dus de moeite zeker waard :).

Do check out these weblogs: Tina's Timeless Treasures and Artfully Ila. They are giving away blogcandy. These ladies make lovely cards so it's definitely worth looking at :).


Camilla said...

Hi Monique! So fun with Blog Candy;) Of course you can link me!! It's an honour to have a bloglink on your blog!! *hug* I'll link you too:) Thanks for sooo many sweet words on my blog! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Camilla.

Monika said...

Hi Monique, Of course you can like me!Thats so great that you will do that,I link you too !!!!Your scene cards are so cute.Many Thanks and have a nice day
Monika xxx